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In this fast-paced world of juggling family and work, and where technologies are seldom turned off, the ability to settle our minds and bodies is increasingly difficult. Path Adventures Inc. offers individuals opportunities to connect with their body, mind and spirit through mindfulness walking and creative exploration that help them look inward. This holistic approach to gaining an appreciation of their inner selves is done by:​

  • mindfully walking on the labyrinth

  • exploring colour and mixed media with art journaling

  • getting in touch with the senses through poetry

  • settling the mind and coming to quiet with contemplative prayer

Veriditas-certified facilitators, Grace, Deb and Susan guide participants on these activities in a safe environment for interior reflection, with a goal to birthing creativity.


How will you benefit? Here are some of the services we offer. 

labyrinth walks page peace labyrinth.jpg
  Labyrinth Walks    


You can reduce stress and find peace by walking a labyrinth.  As you purposely focus on the path, your mind becomes quiet and you become aware of your breath and pace. A labyrinth is a meandering path, typically circular in form, that’s used in walking meditation or as a spiritual practice.

art journal pic_edited.jpg
  Visual Art Journaling Worksop    


You’ll tap into your imagination with colour, paints and sprays as you explore the wonder of art journaling. You’ll use a variety of mixed media techniques to create an art journal that can spark the creative mind when composing your thoughts – whether done daily or to capture a travelling adventure.

  Poetry Writing Workshop    


Your creative muse will be inspired as you ponder images and words through the power of simile, metaphor and the senses. You’ll craft a poem while receiving instruction and feedback on ways to incorporate poetic elements and improve language and line.



Stay tuned for more information on future retreats. 

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