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Visual Art Journaling with the Wheel of the Year

Visual Art Journaling with the Wheel of the Year


If you're new or a seasoned visual art journaler, why not explore this visual medium through the lens of the Celtic calendar known as the Wheel of the Year (WOTY). This course begins on Tuesday, March 19th from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT, with live sessions conducted 8 times throughout the year.


The WOTY is a Nature-based spirituality linked to the seasons and those activities that are prominent within each season. This course takes participants on an internal pilgrimage. Throughout the year as each threshold is revealed, participants will discover its spiritual meaning, its connection with basic Astrology and how the pilgrim's journey with Tarot unfolds. The use of visual art techniques are taught to participants to delve deeper into their journaling by using the teachings of each fire festival. This is a great opportunity to move away from “dear diary” writing to visual art/raw essence therapy journaling.


This $400 course includes:

  • 8 highly interactive live online sessions (approximately 2 hours each), with downloadable power points and handouts
  • a beautiful craft box of materials, including 8 energy gifts, art journaling tools, art journal, and other supporting materials available upon registration and payment. (This box has a shipping fee).
  • online support, including video demonstrations and a Mighty Networks forum.


For those interested and at a separate cost, plans are in the works for a visual art journaling pilgrimage to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 2025. 


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